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We just have 2 days left for his first stay of this program in Japan.
This morning, he achieved to take pictures of the sunrise at Hakone Mt. which he was longing for. We were worried about the weather but we could get to see the beautiful sunshine today thanks to him who is always lucky to have sunshine on him! He was well-prepared for the cold weather as well with 3 heat pats! He said he wanted to take pictures of not only the sunrise but also the moments people get awake and start their days. FYI, he fixed his camera firmly on the baluster with red(his symbolic colour!) yarn by himself. Such an amazing skill! And the pictures were taken every 30 sec with that camera. I could sneak a look at them and those were breathtaking! I really can’t wait to see how they’ll connect with his work in Rikuzentakata.

Also many connection with people brought us to have met many Philipinos in Japan. Jay-san seemed he had a wonderful time to listen to their stories about the earthquake and their current situations. They told us about the difference between Japan and Philippines for the disasters. Their opinions were persuasive because they know both the earthquake in Japan and the tyhoon in Philippines well.

Now Jay-san is really curious about the snow! I wonder it’s gonna be piled up tomorrow♪