Leo van der kleij


フォトグラファー、ヴィジュアルアーティスト / オランダ


彼の作品はポートレイト撮影のみならずアートや建築にも及び、広告の仕事も幅広く活動しています。 最近ではまた違った広告の仕事として、日本の写真をデジタルアーカイブしています。(www.japanphotography.org)



Leo van der kleij (Netherlands)

Photographer / Visual artist

Leo van der kleij is a professional photographer who is interested in people and their behaviour in daily life. His field of work started shooting nightlife in his howetown Den Haag, also taking photo’s at pop- and jazzconcerts. Leo worked a lot with visual artists, mainly sculptors and artists making –temporary- installations. Since 1997 He made many trips to Japan, e.g. to work with Tadashi Kawamata but also to work on own projects in Tokyo and Kyushu island in the south.His favorites location are not only portraits but also Art and architecture.

His commercial work has known a wide variety of species, from healthcare and education to architecture, landscapes, environment and travelling. Recently I’m setting up a digital archive with images from Japan – www.japanphotography.org – next to different commercial jobs. Also He is involved in coal mining as photographer since 1977, making series in Western Europe and Japan. He is also preparing a book about my Japanese photography and some exhibitions about this.



born in Voorburg (NL) 1954
School of Photography Apeldoorn, exam 1982
freelance photographer/artist since 1983
Teacher on photography on Technical University Delft (Cultural center) 1995-1999
Member dwb Deutsche Werk Bund NRW (BRD)
Member Westdeutsche Künstlerbund, Bochum (BRD)
Member board of exhibitions Kunstverein Arthaus, Ahaus (BRD)

Commissions Works

Photography of 40 Projects of  Tadashi Kawamata in Den Haag, Kassel, Gent, Antwerpen, Alkmaar, Wien, Wiener Neustadt, Hannover, Tokyo, Tagawa, Paris, Evreux, Mito and so on from 1986 till 2004
Kunst* Artprojekt in new cityquarter Ypenburg, Den Haag 2003/2004
5 Artportraits, Cityhall Den Haag 2005
‘Ypenhout’ a serie about 2 cityquarters in Den Haag for Den Haag Municipal Archives, 2006
’50 people portraits’ for Museum Schloss Moyland, Bedburg Hau (BRD) 2006-2007
Photography of mobile gardenproject Ypenburg/Transvaal’ by Annechien Meier Den Haag (NL) 2006-2012
Photography for design- and corporateoffices like Verb (Essen, Berlin BRD), Made of Man (Rotterdam NL), Stefan Michaelsen (Essen BRD) and Total Identity (Den Haag NL) 1993-now

Solo exhibitions 

Bauhaus Fischer, Wuppertal (BRD)                                                          2000
Médiatheque, Evreux (F)                                                                             2000
Coal mine history museum, Omuta (J)                                                     2000
Kawamata Coal Mine Project Site, Tagawa (J)                                        2000
Industrion Museum, Kerkrade (NL)                                                          2001
Haco art space, Tagawa (J)                                                                          2001
Soap gallery, Kokura (J)                                                                               2001
Nièpce Gallery, Tokyo (J)                                                                             2001
Hot Red Lokaal, Den Haag (NL)                                                                2002
Stroom HCBK (together with Tadashi Kawamata),
Den Haag (NL)                                                                                               2002
Museum Schloss Moyland (together with Tadashi Kawamata),
Bedburg Hau (BRD)                                                                                     2003
‘Tokyo daily life’ Hillside gallery, Tokyo (J)                                            2003
1000 round 2000 meterproject, Den Haag/Vbg (NL)                          2004
OudLandNieuwLand, Fotomuseum, Den Haag (NL)                           2004
Galerie im Schloss Borbeck, Essen (BRD)                                               2005
Galerie Het Vervolg, Genk (B)                                                                    2006
LAKgalerie and Galerie Kleine Klup, Leiden (NL)                                 2006
‘Kitakyushu daily life 2006’, Gallery 130, Kitakyushu (J)                    2006
‘Ypenhout’ 2 cityquarters in daily life, Gemeentearchief,
Cityhall Den Haag (NL)                                                                   2006/2007
Youkobo Art Space, Tokyo (J)                                                                   2007
Cool train gallery, Tokyo (J)                                                                      2007
‘Kamergeheim’ Private exhibition, Den Haag (NL)                              2007
Maison des Arts, Evreux (F)                                                          2008/2009
Music center RASA, Utrecht (NL)                                                            2010
Youkobo Art Space, Tokyo (J)                                                                   2011
‘Coal Mine Walking’, a.o. Beringen, Heerlen, Alsdorf  (B, NL, BRD)        2011
Sieboldhuis/Japanmuseum, Leiden (NL)                                              2013
‘Rikuzentakata Daily Life 2014’ Rikuzentakata (J)                              2014


Kutscherhaus, Recklinghausen (BRD)                                                    2000
Transhumance, Lavalette (F)                                                                     2001
‘de stand van zaken’ 131 artists from Den Haag
Den Haag (NL)                                                                                              2002
Outcomes of one time and space, Bedburg Hau (BRD)                       2003
Kunst* Ypenburg, Den Haag (NL)                                                            2004
My Backyard, Quartair galerie, Den Haag (NL)                                     2004
Lohn der Arbeit, Westd. Künstlerbund, Mülheim (BRD)                    2005
‘Postcard’, Meno Parkas Gallery, Kaunas (Lt)                                        2005
IDFA/GKf Melkweg galerie, Amsterdam (NL)                                       2006
‘opdruk’ Haagse Kunstkring, Den Haag (NL)                                         2006
‘ingekomen stukken’ Stroom, Den Haag (NL)                                        2007
‘Portrait’ Kutscherhaus, Recklinghausen (BRD)                                    2007
Zeche ‘Unser Fritz’, dwb, Herne (BRD)                                                    2007
ZAIM, Yokohama (J)                                                                                    2007
Haagse Kunstkring, Den Haag (NL)                                                         2008
Kunstcentrum Haagweg 4, Leiden (NL)                                                  2009
Energeticon, Alsdorf (BRD)                                                                       2009
‘Kamergeheim’ Private exhibition, Den Haag (NL)                              2009
Filmfestival Leiden, Sieboldhuis/Japanmuseum (NL)                        2009
‘Landpartie’ WKB, Kunstmuseum Ahlen, Ahlen (BRD)                      2010
‘im flug vergangen’, Ceramic gallery Commandeur,
Castrop Rauxel (BRD)                                                                                 2010
‘Privatsache’ Gelsenkirchen (BRD)                                                           2011

Represented in following collections

City archives Den Haag
Prentenkabinet Leiden
Citymuseum Den Haag
Art rentshops Den Haag, Voorburg, Schiedam, Vlaardingen
Provinciale Kunstuitleen Utrecht
Artcollection Hoboken, Rotterdam
Mediatheque, Evreux (F)
And several private collectioners

Other activities

Lectures abiut my photographic works 1987-now
Workshops about photographic design1992-now
Photographic bicycletour along the old westeuropean industrysites, from April till June 1993
Member of board Kawamata Coal Mine Tagawa committee 1996-2005
Co-founder foundation ‘Stichting Hollands Negatief’ together with Guus Rijven and Flip Bool, Den Haag 1989-jnow
Co-founder/member of Argos fotoburo (with Marcel Terlouw) 1994-2002
Writer for GKf Photo Magazine ‘Beeld’ 2006-2012


‘Bridge and Archives’ by Tadashi Kawamata and Leo van der Kleij, Kerber Verlag Bielefeld (BRD) 2003
‘Het onder-gewone’, 55 artists from Den Haag, ed. Stroom Den Haag (NL) 2005
‘Het Bezuidenhout 2000-2010’, Architecture in a city quarter, Den Haag 2007
‘Landpartie’. catalogue Westdeutsche Künstlerbund, Kunstmuseum Ahlen (BRD) 2010